Agave Historical Spirits

The #distillation history in Mexico seems to start in XVI century with coconut introduction and asiatic distillation knowledge.

The Mexican pottery development helped to include "Ollas" in Mexican-asiatic distillation apparatus. Many of them are still alive in the traditional knowledge for Agave Historical Spirits from Jalisco to Oaxaca.

In #MezcalDeOlla from Oaxaca you could see the asiatic adoption with the basic elements:

- Fireplace and Olla ferments container.

- Olla boiler vapors and spoon spirit receptor.

- Olla condensation and tube.

¡Same technology is used after centuries with good results!

#AgaveHistoricalSpirits are a category with because this special value. They are traditional, #craftSpirits made with ancient methods, surviving in Oaxaca and other Mexican states.

We have also traditional knowledge still alive about the agriculture, native yeast and #agaveBiodiversity.

Intensification and new technologies could be a risk for this important knowledge "reservoir".

Take in account this information when you select your #mezcalChoice for the value in #AgaveHistoricalSpirits.

Nice week!

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