Agave lessons

Les deseo una excelente semana, esta vez una imagen de la muestra del patrimonio de #pulque en México. I share with you this small sample of Mesoamericans arts in #agaveculture surviving in nowadays. Octli or #pulque is a ferment used by Nahuas and Mayas derivated from fresh sweet saps #agave plants (never #tequila or #mezcal species). Thanks to the generous Mexican archeologists in Anthropology and Templo Mayor Museums who received me the last summer in México city. They helped me to achieve new discoveries that I analyze for my new chapter #agavehistoricaldrinks. Pulque is part of culinary Mexican traditions that has a small amount of alcohol, pre and #probiotics, oligo-elements, and aminoacids. It is a culture surviving in Mexico in rural and urban areas mixed with fruits, seeds, and vegetables. It could be also distilled but it is better as a ferment because #mezcal (cooked plant) is always more potent in aroma complexity for #agavespirits #biodiversity #education #relevantinformation.

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