Agave Lessons Educational Program

AGAVE LESSONS is the best formula for communication and educational objectives and the best way to promote responsible drinking.

If people have access to factual information on agave, then fake news and propaganda can be better detected and not propagated. Agave plants have rich biodiversity and a long history of use for nutritional foods and beverages, hard natural fiber like sisal, cultural rituals, and alcohol. By way of comparison, alcohol from grains and sugar cane (annual crops) is lower cost than agave spirits, because agave species take from 6 to 30 years to mature, depending on the type of agave species, which are cultivated in arid lands with a brief rainy season.

The “Agave Lessons” topics have included agroecology, agave spirits producers throughout the world, brands, owners, entrepreneurship and marketing, Mexican food enthusiasts, Mexican migrants, scientists, alcohol disorders, gastronomy professionals, agave authentic syrups production, graphic arts, innovation, women in the industry, and more.

“There is an amazing cultural heritage that includes traditional and modern knowledge related to agave plants in Mexico, and I want to share with the world these ecological, and cultural treasures in the form of “Agave Lessons”, says Dr. Ana G. Valenzuela Zapata. She is a Mexican scientist dedicated to agave plant research, agave alcohol, and business consultancy since 1985.

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