Bienvenidos AGAVE From A to Z

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Time ago I wanted to start a blog speaking about Agave plants, more precisely on tequila, mezcal, fibers, syrups, healthy molecules, and all the AGAVECULTURE. The first message for this project is moderation in alcohol consumption. Less than 40 ml per day is my advice for the fans who love the best historical agave spirits. Sometimes English, a veces Español. This blog is specially dedicated to all who produce, distribute and work in the agave complex industries in the world. But also for the big Mexican Diaspora who sometimes speak just English. I invite you to our social media communication on Facebook: Agavecultura, Curadores de Mezcal, and Signo Tequila. I have also podcasts in English and Spanish in Anchor, Spotify, and other platforms. Agaveculture is an extense universe with past and present knowledge interesting also for ¡scientists and artists!

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