Happy New Year 2020

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

My best wishes to you #agaveculture lovers.

We have two anchor's podcasts: in Spanish and English and soon the second season for both languages.

Do you want to participate in podcasts? Contact us.

From India to South Africa, of course in México and USA, you have many stories about #agaveSpirits, fibers, syrups, history, archeology, food and more!

Agavelessons have courses online and design for entrepreneurs in #agaveSpirits.

In Agavelessons the education has not propaganda neither #fakeAgaveNews. Marketing data, science pieces of evidence, cultural research and critical evaluations of #agaveSpirits (reviews).

Agave plants origin is Mexico, but in the first globalization era, after the conquest agave cultivars were dispersed in Asia and Europe.

Many stories have been registered in #agaveworld. Exciting!

Moderated alcohol consumption is our message also for 2020.


Ana G. Valenzuela Zapata

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