Historical Agave Spirits sensu AnaValenzuelaZ

What is the difference between a Agave spirits category and a Historical Agave Spirit?

The only one thing in common is the agave raw material as a carbohydrates source but the original HAgaveS had their origin in Mexico and have many versions as cultures and ecosystems. Some HAgaveS are MEZCAL (cooked agave) with a Denomination of Origin like Mezcal, Raicilla, Bacanora. Cocui a type of "mezcal" prepared in Venezuela is also member of this category because partially it has cooked agave. Other branch of HAgaveS are liquors distilled from fermented agave saps (partially or not as a source) like Comiteco (México) and Tzawar o Miske (Equator). The Agave Spirits from USA are not historical and they started to be distilled some years ago (2-3), there are also in India, Australia and South Africa productions with Agave americana. I invite you to watch this video with the essential elements for a Historical Agave Spirit, all of them small batch preparations, handcraft and with the collective traditional knowledge. Cooking agave is an activity since thousand of years. Distillation was introduced to the Pacific coast in the XVI century. More stories in the next blogs!

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