My five recommendations to agave spirits entrepreneurs

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Dear agave spirits entrepreneurs and fans,

Based on scientific evidence and the lack of vaccines in the world, we know lockdowns are not going to be eliminated under urgent conditions because of covid-19 security measures.

How are going to be the new experiences in alcohol consumption in your own market area?

Here my Christmas present to you.

"You don't need more negative impacts on your sales if you understand this period."

My FIVE recommendations

1. Learning about humans. I highly recommend learning ethnography and semiotics. Don't hesitate to work hard by listening to your clients and specialists. Recreate your own ideas, narratives, and solutions during this pandemic isolation. Business creativity will be crucial in 2021 but never far from your clients. You will need to know more about human behavior! Reading is a useful tool but listening is better. Social sciences as ethnography and semiotics are right now very useful in the "experience" of customers. There are many new books and courses on semiotics and brands.

2. Responsibility.

With the lockdowns, we are following selected channels and social media communication. Our attention and focus have changed. The multiple risks due to abusive drinking have not a good effect on a massive masterclass online by bartenders. The numbers in domestic violence had grown under lockdowns also the hospital's emergencies because of high-level intoxication. World Health Organisations is communicating in these moments reduce alcohol intake. The best way for social responsibility is moderation messages in your social media communication and promoting the smart drink. My friend Emmanuel Becheau (Director of Héritiers Crassous de Medéuil Martinique) specialist in Rhum has mentioned moderation in my podcast and it was a good sign of marketing.

3. Information and networking.

COVID-19 has changed our lives and also our expectations in the traditional informative channels. Before covid-19 times we trusted in our friend's posts, top influencers, and journalists. We are obligated to follow the local governments' information and security rules and emergencies. Suddenly, we are valorizing the weight of the information, but also our critical thinking and risk management. Our social group has changed also because some of them are based more on beliefs and others on scientific evidence. Today, we know more about misinformation, propaganda, and fake news. After a year we are in balance, we have chosen networking in social media always based on scientific information. Follow this point and reduce your stressful moments and help your customers.

4. Learn and use your multiple intelligences.

It is not a theory but has been a method for educators: The Gardner multiple intelligences.

If the new post-covid times are limiting us to travel, to spend time in a restaurant or a bar, or have a concert, we can create our experience in a different way. It is time for multiple intelligences stimulation. Voices and stories evocating places, landscapes, aroma, and producing emotions? I will tell you about my own experience. In 2019, when I started my interviews in Agave Lessons podcast show, I had a nice effect on my emotions recovering places, people, plants, and aroma. My imagination was enriched by listening to recovered vivid moments. For example, speaking with Dolores González a producer of "mezcal-lechuguilla" in Chihuahua and listening about his landscape, traditions, and also specific accent. In a moment of the story, I felt in the Batopilas creeks and mountains and wanted to drink "Lechuguilla-distillate". Have you used all your multiple intelligence for your client's experience? Search the way, discover, and make a plan with all your intelligences.

5. New languages and new lessons.

I have a plan for you: learn Spanish and improve your knowledge about Agave business and Mexican food. If you are interested in agave products as an entrepreneurship activity and also offering Mexican dishes, learning Spanish is mandatory.

Why? Because you can find for your client's new experiences and also understand more about them or the value that you are creating. We know how much fake news has been propagated in English, just because of the "lost in translation".

If you are a professional in food and beverages then is important to be well informed. By learning Spanish you will feel comfortable and welcome in your social media, networks, with clients, and also helps you to do more friends. In the last decade in one day, I must read and talk in three languages. Five years ago I added new language courses: dutch. My networks have increased a lot thanks!

My FIVE point also includes inviting you to my Agave Lessons podcast show and read this blog in Spanish and English. This is a free service now.

Today, one year after the first podcast online I have 14,000 listenings, >150 episodes: 145 interviews, 50 from scientists, 95 producers, and growers in our first year. All of them invited because of their knowledge and experience. All the information recognizing the authors, free of charge. You will listen and learn from people who have been developing brands, social innovation, technology, science, traditional knowledge, and Mexican gastronomy.

I know a new language takes time. In the last decade, I had to speak in one day three languages and five years ago added a new one classes: dutch.

We have an international educational program where marketers, consumers, artists, scientists, and specialists are sharing knowledge, experiences, brands, and projects. Remember, the most important rule is information, not propaganda. Finally, in 2021 the agaveculture courses will be lived in three languages, especially in Spanish.


We are more than 35 million Mexicans as a diaspora. Mexican culture is spreading products, traditions, lifestyles, experiences, and services.

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Ana G. Valenzuela-Zapata

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