The drinking choreography

The glass as a container for evaluations in spirits awards? Or just for a special meeting under quarantine?

Big question: Do you want snobbery or facts?

1. My experience

I have a huge experience in agave spirits you could see all my production: books, papers, videos and podcasts. I have been working also for the industry and drinking places research. I have visited bars, restaurants and drinking places in Mexico, USA and Europe for the consumption ways. I am a biologist who has been practicing ethnography methods and also statistics about consumption.

I want to share with you my own notion about choreography in drinking experience, specially in agave spirits. As a dancer I have created choreographies and know about the movements sequences. I think with spirits there is a choreography linked with factors about the objective (entertainment or quality evaluation), high alcohol concentration needs slow movements for a good experience and consumption. The environment and objective are important factors, a cold place invites to consume in a choreography less slow than in a warm place condition. If the objective is a conversation in a bar it needs an slow choreography for the special meeting.

In alcohol for entertainment the client experience is nearest to the human conviviality and less linked to the high level quality points. Then the glasses are more searched in aesthetics, functionality and less because the alcohol quality evaluations. For example I think engineered glass could be used for tests and evaluations but invites to let the conversation and put more interest in the aroma and flavor.

The "drink choreography" notion is a serie of movements that you perform with your glass. A sequence is when you start taking your glass in your hand and finish when you finish your drink. The choreography is a disaster when you are drunk and moderation plays the key factor (Valenzuela, 2020).

Glasses are important for the tasting but also for the choreography and the role combination.

I love glasses/containers and not just for agave spirits, and can see how they have an impact in the drinking choreography (my notion!) more than other aspects.

Then, about the question: Which glass? Obviously for agave spirits.

My questions:

1. Who are you? (beginner, connoisseur, expert, scientist)

2. Which kind of agave spirit do you want to taste? (Many options)

3. What experience and where? In a conversation, with a group, with snobs persons trying to be a high level "nerd", etc.


You are a beginner at the beach:

A visual, large and solid anatomical glass because your choreography could be rapidly played and risks could increased to go down. It doesn't matter the alcohol quality evaluation in aroma.

You are a mezcal salesman and want to do a skype presentation (covid19time) for your clients: At least 3 containers-glasses for the best slow choreography and performances, you need to speak about the aroma and flavors in each container and also some cocktails uses.

You are a Mexican well informed about agave spirits in the quarantine and you want to relax during the evening speaking with your partner:

The biggest cognac glass, the whisky glasses with heavy bases or "jicara, your kisses-small amounts choreography needs time to be accompanied at the nostalgia talk.

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